Lorne Whitehead

Lorne Whitehead, University of British Columbia B.Sc, M.Sc, Ph.D., is a pioneering physicist whose structured surface physics research led to the prism light guide, which enable light to be carried with very little loss to a distant room or object. His physics research continues to generate innovations in lighting, image display technology, optics, electromagnetic filters and thin flexible sound sources.

About Lumenetix

Lumenetix was founded in 2009 by Doug Herst, Jim Kingman and Matt Weaver. We design and manufacture UL recognized LED light engines for fixture manufacturers around the world.

Our araya® color tuning technology received the LFI 2012 Light Engine Innovation Award and leads the lighting industry in the next wave of the LED revolution – functionality beyond traditional lighting technologies and intensity control, led by the high quality replication of the broad spectrum of natural daylight in single light engines.

At Lumenetix, we believe that light has a profound impact on our daily lives. araya® offers everyone the ability to control a broad spectrum of high quality white light and tailor light to individual preferences, objects or spaces. Our perception of color, our mood and our wellness are dependent upon “how you light it”.