SceneSet™. A simply brilliant revolution in color tuning.

araya®, the industry’s most advanced five-channel color tuning technology, is now the simplest to control. With SceneSet™ each LED fixture can deliver up to five preset lighting scenes – for hospitality, residential or retail – with one touch using 0-10V wired controllers. Choose your presets from the Lumenetix library or create your own branded custom scenes, all preset at Lumenetix in our araya color tuning light engines. Futureproofed via updates using the Lumenetix Light Commissioning Tool.

Color is how you light it – SceneSet is how you control it.


About Lumenetix

Lumenetix was founded in 2009 by Doug Herst, Jim Kingman and Matt Weaver. We design and manufacture UL recognized LED light engines for fixture manufacturers around the world.

Our araya® color tuning technology received the LFI 2012 Light Engine Innovation Award and leads the lighting industry in the next wave of the LED revolution – functionality beyond traditional lighting technologies and intensity control, led by the high quality replication of the broad spectrum of natural daylight in single light engines.

At Lumenetix, we believe that light has a profound impact on our daily lives. araya® offers everyone the ability to control a broad spectrum of high quality white light and tailor light to individual preferences, objects or spaces. Our perception of color, our mood and our wellness are dependent upon “how you light it”.

News & Events

Lumenetix Dynamic Dimming Module Selected for IES 2013 Progress Report

San Francisco, CA November 4, 2013 - The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) recognized the Lumenetix Dynamic Dimming Module™ as part of the IES 2013 Progress Report.

Lumenetix Exhibiting at LightFair 2014
Lumenetix will be exhibiting at LightFair 2014 at Las Vegas Convention Center, Booth #1956. We will feature the latest developments in our lineup of araya® tunable LED modules.