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July 2017
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The science of araya5 enables the reinvention of the art of delivering tailored lighting solutions

What is araya5 Tunable Color?

Tunable color replicates the color and beauty of full spectrum sunlight while also providing access to a wide gamut of pastels and saturated colors. araya5 “reverse engineers” sunlight by combining five colors of LEDs – amber, cyan, red, mint and blue – that closely approximate all of the colors that our eyes can see. How it does this is as revolutionary as what it delivers. The range (1650 – 8000K), quality (90+ CRI*), dimming (≥0.1%**), color consistency (<2 SDCM over life) and access to a wide gamut of colors enable the delivery of lighting profiles that expertly resolve the multiple, yet specific, lighting objectives within a space. See here for a summary of 12,000-hour IES LM-84 test results. * From 2000 – 6000K. ** Actual dimming range varies with product. Refer to data sheets for individual dimming specifications.

What are the benefits of araya5 Tunable Color?

araya5 dynamically and precisely tunes light with accuracy, control and consistency never before possible. Now, any subject can be displayed in an optimized lighting profile. The genius of araya5 is only fully realized in control of lighting sequences tailored specifically to the application. As one considers the myriad of subjects, spaces and the objectives of aesthetics, comfort, wellness, visual acuity and color communication, the potential of araya5 to revolutionize the world of lighting comes into focus.

The Broadest Control Compatibility in the Industry

A unique advantage of the araya5 technology is the integration with all major control systems – Lutron EcoSystem, Legrand’s Wattstopper DLM, Bluetooth Mesh (Casambi, Avi-On)***, DMX with RDM, DALI Type 8****, Bluetooth LE and 0-10V: a complement of controls that have you covered. *** Fall 2017 **** Late Summer 2017

5-Color Tuning for Full Spectrum Light

Until recently, all light – sunlight, firelight, candlelight, incandescent light – was full spectrum light. Full spectrum light contains all of the visible colors, and, like sunlight, renders colors naturally. At Lumenetix, our goal to create electric sunlight meant that we needed to mix multiple colors (also known as channels) to replicate the color, beauty and range of sunlight. How many colors? No less than five can deliver the full spectrum of araya5 illumination.

Lumenetix Solves the Complexity

In order to replicate sunlight, each colored LED offers a varying contribution to the white light that changes in color from warm to cool and then back to warm over the course of a day. To do this correctly, four issues had to be solved: varying thermal droop, varying lumen depreciation, LED characterization and spectral optimization.

Temperature of the die affects an LED’s lumen output (“thermal droop”). The complex interaction and variability of an LED’s operation cycle, neighboring components, heat sinking, and ambient environment mean a tunable color system must constantly monitor junction temperature and dynamically calibrate the power used to drive each LED to maintain a consistent color point for the overall array.

LEDs also suffer from a decline in light output as they age (“lumen depreciation”) but the depreciation also varies by the color of the LED. So as LEDs age, the contribution from each LED must be rebalanced to ensure consistent color point matching between arrays over the lifetime of a project. 

LEDs are notoriously difficult to characterize and the industry has responded with the concept of binning, which place an LED in a performance range. However, binning is not precise enough for a high quality tunable color system, so Lumenetix developed a proprietary and patented system to characterize the LED with the utmost of precision. In other words, we know the exact, unique performance characteristics of every LED in our array.

For 4 and particularly 5 or more channels, there is more than one way to create a color, each producing a unique spectral signature of differing color quality and efficiency. Our algorithms use these LED characterizations to correctly optimize each module to deliver precise color with optimal spectral content and energy efficiency.

Lumenetix Closed Loop Thermal Feedback Systems

Lumenetix resolved thermal droop over five different colors of LEDs by developing a closed loop thermal feedback system (read more). This system utilizes an on-board thermistor to constantly monitor the temperature of the LEDs and calibrate the drive current to each color of LED in order to maintain a precise color point.

Lumenetix Closed Loop Optical Feedback Systems

Lumenetix resolved lumen depreciation in a five color array by deploying a closed loop optical feedback system (read more). An on-board photo diode measures the color component of each LED by individually flashing each color at an undetectably high rate. Our proprietary logic then adjusts the drive current for individual colors to rebalance the individual contribution of each LED and to correct for diminished output.

Lumenetix Calibration and Characterization of LEDs

Characterization of the LEDs is a very complex technology that is the crown jewel of the Lumenetix portfolio and allows the color model embedded into the module to optimize CRI, efficacy, wattage or lumens. No two LEDs are alike – they vary in color and brightness significantly to the eye. Furthermore, for a single LED, the spectrum/color point varies significantly with both temperature and current. With white LEDs, one can bin and blend them to achieve a desired CCT at a specific operating current and “PWM” to dim. For a color tunable array, binning and blending is seldom, if ever, sufficient. To achieve tight color and “specification” control at all color points and all dimming levels, more steps must be taken. For araya5, the first step is each color channel of every lamp is rapidly flashed in a high-speed integrating sphere from low to high brightness at several temperatures.

The Mathematics of araya5 Color Space

A spectrometer captures the unique spectral signature of each LED channel of a lamp. For 4 and particularly 5 or more channels, an infinite number of color combinations exist, each producing a unique spectral signature of differing color and efficiency qualities. The sheer quantity of these calculations would take months to years to perform on high-speed computers to exhaustively examine what combination best fits a given color metric. araya5 applies innovative lean mathematical methods to rearrange the color metric space and speed-up color calculations on the order of 5 trillion times faster over prior known methods. The nature of the araya5 method does not “cut corners” / “make any assumptions” and is broadly applicable across multiple color metrics (e.g. CRI, CQS, TM-30, ect…). araya5’s dramatic speed-up enables the “impossible” to be done at production-line speeds. The brief period of measure and solving still manages to process multiple terabytes of numeric data to find a fundamentally optimized lamp that meets a custom specification across the entire operating range. The “solved” lamp is flash tested (with all color channels uniquely firing) across a range of operating points for validation.

From retail to furnishings to fashion, color is how you light it.

Where do I use Tunable Color? Everywhere...

Think of resolving the multiple requirements for specific lighting content within every vertical. The araya5 solution is to define the color and character of light to the specific lighting application requirements. Unique lighting solutions for each and every lighting requirement… one fixture, one room or one building. From fashion merchandising to hospitality to the different aisles of a grocery store, the opportunity to control the level and character of illumination and color is lighting’s new frontier.

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Why you want araya5 inside every fixture you specify



araya5 mixes light from five colors of LEDs to deliver full spectrum light. The greater the number of colors in an array, the more complex the underlying technology, but the benefits are a broader tunable range, higher quality over that range and a full, pleasing spectrum.

Tunable Range
1650 – 8000K


All araya5 products offer CCT in increments of 25K (the human eye can generally distinguish increments of 50K) over a tunable range of candlelight (1650K) to mid afternoon sun (8000K). Our light moves along the Planckian curve to 4000K and then transitions to the daylight curve to 8000K at a delta UV = ±0.002.

Color Accuracy
90+ CRI


araya5 offers a Color Rendering Index of 90+ throughout the tuning range from 2000K to 6000K.

Color Consistency


For fixture-to-fixture color consistency, the light from araya5 products maintain less than 2 Standard Deviation Color Matching over life. 95% of the general population cannot distinguish any difference in the color of light that is <2 SDCM.

Sat and Hue
1 - 100%


araya5 enables access to each of the individual colors that comprise the LED array. Gradients of any color in the araya5 gamut from 1-100% in increments of 1% (where 100% is the fully saturated color) can be added to any white color in the tunable range. Hue accesses the individual colors in the array and “spins” around the color wheel.

Dynamic Dimming


Dynamic Dimming allows the users to enjoy the same warm glow of traditional MR16 sources. The dimming profile launches at 1800K and travels along the black body locus to 3000K.

Closed Loop


A closed loop thermal feedback system constantly monitors temperature and uses the data to satisfy the input demands, while maintaining high color quality over the full CCT tuning range. In the event of excessive operating temperatures, the on-board thermistor throttles back the current to maintain the LED junction temperature within specification and prevent irreparable damage.

Closed Loop


A closed loop optical feedback system constantly samples the light output from the various LED colors and corrects for age induced lumen deprecation to maintain color points over life.

Fast Inverse


The Fast Inverse Solver uses patented techniques to characterize each and every LED in an array. This advanced technology performs millions of calculations in less than a minute. The result? We know the exact characteristics of each LED and create a color model (the instruction set used to drive each LED for each color point) that precisely generates the araya5 specifications.