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July 2017
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The inside story on lighting that's light years ahead


The One Family


The One Family combines driver electronics, logic and communications in a Zhaga compliant 50mm diameter package.

The CTM One family has a range of 1650 -8000K at a CRI of >90* and <2 SDCM over life. 0-10V, Bluetooth and DMX are on board. *From 2000–6000K.

A highly engineered silicone diffuser.

Light from the five color array is diffused at efficiencies up to 92%.

A non-yellowing plastic housing with Zhaga-compliant heat sink mounting holes.

The housing enables light emitting surfaces of 9, 12 and 19mm and multiple reflector attachments.

The highly engineered mixing chamber is designed to efficiently mix light from the 5 different colors of LEDs.

The high reflectivity and engineered design facilitate near field mixing of multi colored light.

The logic board contains the electronics that are the processing and communication brains.

The logic board manages the color model, Bluetooth communications and the processing of the closed loop thermal and optical feedback and control inputs.

The LED and Driver board contain the driver electronics, five color LED array and a highly effective platform for thermal pathways.

The CTM One Family delivers up to 2000 lumens (summer 2017) and dissipates up to 30W from a 50mm base.


The Heart and Brains
of the Two Family


The lid of the logic module opens to reveal an expansion port.

Expansion cards connect via the interface to easily facilitate Lutron, Wattstopper, DMX and DALI** controls. **Late Summer 2017

The heart and brains contain the driver, logic and communication electronics to control either linear or round araya5 arrays.

Processes control information and closed loop optical and thermal feedback and outputs up to 6 channels of power.

araya5 logic module

Adding the Lutron expansion card enables Lutron EcoSystem control of CCT and Intensity.

Adding the Wattstopper Digital Lighting Management expansion card enables control of CCT, Intensity, Saturation and Hue.

Adding the DMX expansion card enables a brilliant “pass through” of the DMX control system.

Adding the DALI Type 8 expansion card enables independent tuning of CCT and Dim on one unique address.

araya5 Tunable Color iOS APP

The araya5 Tunable Color iOS app enables commissioning of Bluetooth-equipped araya5 modules incorporated into a lighting fixture. The app is designed for use by professional lighting specifiers and designers. System Requirements: iOS 9.0+

From a room to a building,
control is absolutely effortless

How do you control araya5 illumination? One building, one room or one fixture at a time – you decide. Control platforms include Lutron EcoSystem, Legrand’s Wattstopper DLM, DMX, DALI Type 8**, Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth Mesh (Casambi, Avi-On)*** and 0-10V connections.