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The araya® Tunable Color iOS app enables control of Bluetooth-equipped araya® modules incorporated into a lighting fixture. The app is designed for use by professional lighting specifiers and designers.

System Requirements: iOS 8.4+

After downloading and launching, the user can create an account that enables the lamps to be secured such that others cannot control them unless they use the same password. Upon discovery, the lamps and modules (including the Digital Control Adapter) can be named, and if desired, assigned to a group. The app enables the user to set the Correlated Color Temperature (CCT), Dimming, Saturation and Hue for each lamp/group. SceneSet® enables up to five scenes – a scene is any combination of CCT, Dimming, Saturation and Hue – to be programmed into the lamp for recall by the app or a 0-10V connection. For lamps connected to a DMX system, the DMX channels can also be set using this app. For lamps connected to a 0-10V line, SceneSet® Mode can also be specified in the app.


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