araya Features

araya® Features

araya® enables customization of the illumination profile – subjects, objects or spaces, precisely replicated across an entire installation with no visible deviation in color point over time. Each family of araya® product shares the same feature set – mastering one means mastering all.

Tunable White Light

Lumenetix offers a tuning range from 1650K to 8000K for the araya® Logic Module with tunable color round or linear LED arrays, at industry leading color rendering of 90+. The light is 2 SDCM about the Planckian curve without spectral holes, resulting in light that delivers color rendering that closely approximates the appearance of objects, subjects and spaces under natural light. Tuning can be controlled via wired or wireless controls.

Dimming 100% to 1% in increments of 1%

araya® dims from 100% to <1% of light output while maintaining CCT. Proprietary thermal compensation algorithms ensure flicker-free dimming and a smooth fade. Dimming can be controlled via wired or wireless controls.

Saturation and Hue

Saturation & Hue

The araya® Saturation and Hue features offer the lighting designer the flexibility to add gradients of specific saturated colors to a chosen color point to create off-Planckian curve color points, that can be used to optimize subjects or dramatize exterior lighting. Saturation can be controlled using digital or wireless controls.

Dynamic Dimming

To replicate the dimming profiles of MR16 and incandescent sources, Lumenetix offers Dynamic Dimming. At 100% brightness at 3050K, the lamp follows the Black Body curve and decreases the CCT while dimming. Dynamic Dim allows the users to enjoy the same warm glow that traditional MR16 and incandescent sources offer when dimmed.

The power of the araya® software model also allows incandescent and custom dimming profiles.



SceneSet allows up to five preset lighting scenes to be programmed into the lamp either at the factory or in the field. A scene is any combination of: CCT, dimming, Saturation and Hue. Presets can be selected from the Lumenetix library or created uniquely for brands.

araya® color tuning light engines and SceneSet provide precise and consistent light levels across an installation where there are multiple fixture types and manufacturers. The araya® Light Commissioning Tool or the iOS app enables on-site customization of individual fixtures,. With SceneSet, retailers and hoteliers can replicate lighting scenes with confidence across multiple locations.

To learn more about SceneSet, read here.

araya® Controls

The araya® feature set can be controlled with:

  • the iOS app
  • the Light Commissioning Tool
  • industry standard 0-10V wired controls
  • a hybrid of wired and wireless controls
  • Lutron® Ecosystem®
  • DMX