This is araya®

As a conductor is to an orchestra, and music is to the ear, araya® is to light and color to the eye.

araya® dynamically and precisely tunes light with accuracy, control and consistency never before possible. Now, any subject can be displayed in optimum natural light or further optimized with gradients of off-Planckian colors.

Importantly, araya® is a system comprised of a Color Tuning Module (CTM), wired or wireless control, and, at the heart, a patented software model that enables intelligent devices and lamps to communicate with each other to render a perfectly mixed LED-based white light at 2 SDCM about the Planckian curve.

Natural light and intuitive controls – backed by three closed-loop patented software systems that transform the visual, physiological and psychological to the illumination of objects, tasks and spaces.

araya® mixes light from five colors of LEDs to deliver illumination on the Planckian curve that can be tuned continuously from 1650K to 8000K while maintaining a CRI of greater than 90 across the tuning range. Color consistency is guaranteed to be less than 2 MacAdam ellipses – not just for 3 or 5 years but over the life of the module! Gamut control is precisely addressed via the Saturation and Hue feature. araya® modules incorporate on-board dimming – either at fixed CCT, or the modules can warm as they dim (following incandescent, MR-16 or custom dimming profiles).

araya® modules have featured on-board wireless connectivity since their inception in 2012. The modules can be controlled via a wireless Lumenetix Light Commissioning Tool or via an iOS device utilizing the araya® Tunable Color app. Lamps can be grouped and for added convenience, up to five scenes can be pre-programmed into the lamp in the factory or in the field.

araya® modules can also be controlled using traditional systems such as 0-10V as well as digital controls including Lutron® or DMX.

araya® enables customization of the illumination profile to individual subjects, spaces or objects, precisely replicated across an entire installation with no visible deviation in color point over time.

Utilize araya® to create a new era of tunable color illumination

  • Perfectly natural white light
  • On-Planckian tuning from 1650K to 8000K
  • Dimming from 100% to 1% while maintaining CCT, or variable CCT from 3050K to 1800K to match traditional incandescent or MR-16 lamp dimming
  • Industry-leading color rendering (Ra) greater than 90, throughout the tuning range
  • Gamut control for unlimited control and customization of lighting design using the Saturation and Hue controls
  • Consistent color of 2 SDCM about the Planckian Curve over the life of the module