The genius of araya® is only fully realized in application. In this regard, as one considers the myriad of spaces and objects that are illuminated, the potential of araya® to revolutionize the world of lighting begins to come into focus.

Artistic & Museum Spaces

Curators worldwide have immediately recognized the genius of araya®. Now, as never before possible, exhibitions can be mounted and illuminated to optimal effect – even dynamically during a viewing. Consider a Monet displayed in the exact natural light the artist painted under. Imagine works viewed as the hours and months change – again, in the exact location where the piece was created. Monet observed that ‘color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment.’ araya® makes it possible to see art in an entirely new light.

Illumination of the Material World

Materials such as wood, concrete, steel and other metallic surfaces respond quite differently to light, and thus tuning illumination for dramatic effect is highly desirable. With
araya®, the illumination of each surface can be precisely tuned throughout an installation. Scenes can be preset to change throughout the day, for example in hospitality, corporate or institutional settings, where different light levels and rendering of surfaces are highly desirable.

The New Residential Frontier

araya® enables custom illumination profiles to replicate halogen dimming and warmer incandescent ranges as well as saturated colors with variable hues. This is the great new frontier of color tuning, where precise natural light can be replicated throughout a residence, and then, as the hour changes, presets can be timed to warm the environment. As each fixture can be collectively or individually tuned, illumination from room to room, of artwork and general spaces, can all be precisely defined.

Retail, Hospitality & Medical Environments

Nowhere is the potential of araya® as great as in commercial illumination. Consider the cosmetics floor of a major department store, where a thousand point source luminaires are employed. Now, cosmetics can be viewed in the appropriate day or evening light, dressing rooms can be tuned for customers in the same way. The opportunities for precise delivery of pure white light tuned to daytime settings are extraordinary.

Architecture & Landscape Illumination

There are extraordinary opportunities in the outdoor lighting environment for controlled illumination. Especially with the addition of robust control of saturation and hue, designers and owners enjoy a level of precision heretofore impossible. Facades can be painted with the exact color desired, and plant materials can be individually selected and then illuminated. Scenes can be preset, and corporate brand colors can be introduced without gels or filters, which invariably shift over time. araya® makes all this possible.

Improving the Physical & Emotional Lighting Environment

How plants respond to changes in light is measurable, and this change was the premise for a Lumenetix partner, NARVA, who’s done research and development over the last four decades. Studying light in biological industries in addition to general lighting has yielded tremendous insight and inspired innovation. That there is now the ability to offer indoor environments that replicate natural light holds tremendous potential for improving productivity and general wellness in the indoors.

Overall Health Benefits

Overall Health Benefits

Research has shown that light therapy can be used to treat sleep and circadian rhythm disorders such as insomnia, jet lag, seasonal-affective disorders, and sleep maintenance problems in Alzheimer’s patients, older adults, and phase-delayed/phase-advanced individuals. Light therapy can be used to improve alertness without undue melatonin suppression in shift workers and nursing home residents. It has also been shown to improve productivity in workers by tweaking the CCT and light levels unobtrusively over the course of the working day. araya®’s exacting dimmability, its extremely versatile tunability, and its superior color rendering quality all allow for precise and (if needed) constant adjustment of light levels, CCT, and/or spectral content – opening up exciting possibilities for various treatments in the field of light and health.